PR 2 Process Assignment

  • Read and respond to Jeffrey Zeldman’s article Understanding Web Design. published on A List Apart in 2007.
    • As the author states, Great web designs are like great buildings. All office buildings, however distinctive, have lobbies and bathrooms and staircases. Websites, too, share commonalities. Like building the design accommodates the people it targeted to. Functionality is the key, if the user has a good experience then it is a good design. 
  • Read and respond to this website:
    • Whether we like it or not the internet is here to stay. Yes we praise the internet for everything, from mobilizing global protest to creating the latest trends but it also spreads propaganda, and  has turned our existence upside down. It has changed the way we communicate to the extent that it is now our preferred means of everyday communication.
  • Write about—and show—one website that you think is beautiful. What makes it beautiful?
    • Wegman’s it’s clean, slick. The pairing of fonts with the images make it stand out. You can make your grocery list and clip coupons directly from the site
  • Write about—and show—one website you hate—can’t stand to look at. What makes it so horrible?
    • Craigslist, it’s not the worst ever and I don’t hate it but I think it could be designed better. It reminds me of a newspaper which is out dated.
  • Read and respond Yellow Pencil’s article, Designing it better in the browser at this link.
    • I appreciate the best practices in this article like adding Media Queries, so that you’re not scrolling back and forth between different media query sections in a file to style the same element and keep sketching. Good takeaways.
  • Read and respond CSS Tricks’ article about the CSS Box Model at this link.
    • This article makes a lot of sense on how the size of the box is calculated.
  • Check out the W3Schools’ HTML Color Picker at this link. What do you think?
    • The HTML color picker is a GREAT tool … not only will it display multiple shades of the color you choose BUT it also will display how your text will look on the color you choose. That saves you a HUGE step of exporting to see how your text will look.
  • Explore color a bit more at Adobe Color CC. Post examples of three color schemes you favor, along with each color’s hex value. Here’s an example:
    Blue Shades 2
  • Blue Splash: #4D8AA9 #305568 #6FC7F5 #5393B5 #5393B6AKA1
  • AKA: #230801 #93516B #CF9C98 #E7D8D1 #F7F2EFUnsplash1
  • Unsplash #280102 #411C3B #1F2024 #65838B #828D78
  • Read and respond CSS Tricks’ article, All About Floats at this link.
    • Good article I think floats are very helpful with navigating and giving direction. This article was super easy to understand.
  • Read the article, 17 Websites with Typography-Driven Design published on Design Bombs. Post an image of your favorite example and explain why you chose it.
    • andre-do-amaral.jpgOut of the 17 websites I favored the first and the last. Author Paula Bororwska’s comments were taken right out of my mouth. “While scrolling down the homepage and Work page of Andre do Amaral’s portfolio I was blown away by its minimalistic nature and boldness. The case studies are only made up of a big photo, a giant headline, and the year of the projects. The juxtaposition of the client’s name and the year is a brilliant solution.Not only that the two texts are different in size and font weight but also in font type. The year uses a serif typeface while the name uses sans-serif.”After reading the comments  became familiar with a new term called “juxtaposition” is The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with a contrasting effect”. I can see in text and design juxtaposition is an exciting art and used in may different ways.


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