BP 8 What Makes a Good Designer

Such an insightful article! I completely agree with”You must know your audience.” 

In the context of the article, having a deep understanding of human nature so that you can use this or that rhetorical device to influence your audience is a given. I work in advertising. Adverting and Psychology go hand and hand. PSYCHOLOGY is the science of human nature; Commercial advertising is the art of influencing human nature to buy certain items.  Design is just a visual form of communication, knowing how to effectively convey information through your designs is an important part of being a great designer. This can mean everything from communicating well with clients to fully understand a project to using your designs to send a visual message.

As a TV Producer for Cox Media it has become natural for me to understand the when and why. The concept, design, and artwork can be the keys to success but as the author says, knowing how people react to the different ways that content can be presented, and working to present this content in a way that guides the user along and helps them make sense of the information is key.  At its core design is about communication, and to be able to communicate effectively you must first acquaint yourself with your audience. You must understand your audience.

Any ability takes practice and experience to master—what types of experiences do you think can help a designer to develop the elusive skill of the when and why?

Of course coding and design skills are needed but skills like communication and empathy, being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes means understanding their problems. When you understand someone’s problems better, you’re more equipped when it comes to finding a solution to their problem. That’s why I think empathy is such a vital skill for a designer. When you’re detached from your end users, you fail to design for their needs and feelings which can create a terrible user experience.

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