PR 2: One Page Website – Design Rationale

  1. Which Google fonts did you use and why?
    • I chose Lobster and Open Sans. I wanted a bold & stylish font for headings and something more neutral for the body. I didn’t want anything complicated or hard to read.
  2. Did you validate your HTML and CSS? I validated the CSS and there were no errors. There were a few errors on the HTML I had difficulty correcting.
  3. Which compression method did you use for images and why? I compressed my image into a .jpg because I’m more familiar with using it with photos.
  4. Describe your overall objective in terms of design. What did you seek to convey?
    • I wanted an elegant smooth clean look. I feel the page is not there yet. I struggled with the codes and it took up so much of the time.
  5. How did you express your theme in this project?
    • My theme was to keep it simple. An easy clean yet charming¬† layout.
  6. How have you used color?
    • I used color on my background and fonts. I really wanted to add a pattern but I couldn’t find one that would compliment the page.
  7. How did formal design elements help you realize your composition (scale, balance, hierarchy, positive and negative space, etc.)? Be specific.
    • I wanted to leave enough negative space to read the content on my the page and not crowd the photo. I was concerned whether the colors would be to sticking. I’m determined to add a pattern to give the page some texture. Overall I’m more proud of accomplishing assignment on my own.
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