BP 9: Color and Darkness

Which examples (one from each) are your favorites, and why? Include screen caps and/or links.

Subsign and TalkD are my favorite of the Vivid Rainbow color trend. I couldn’t decide on one. Subsign uses a dark contrasting background as the lava or liquid flows across the screen look so cool. I don’t think this would have the same affect against a white background. TalkD has a gradient overlay with a rainbow feel to it. Using the gradient gives it a fun feel.

I think the black is sleek and quiet. It’s great for industrial companies. The next screen on IMPERO’s page uses a yellow on yellow animation background WOW’d me.

Click through the examples and explore how they react to different screen sizes—what changes? Why? Explain.

  • IMPERO’S animation is moving  on the front page but when it collapsed to a mobile size the animation is stagnate and on the yellow page the background turns solid. I’m guessing this saves on loading time/memory?

spicy DT                 spicy mobile

No matter what part of the animation video, the mobile view displays an images of the owners. Probably this is a welcoming way to the site. Helps you identify and connect with the team.

What are some pros and cons of each design trend?

Vivid Rainbow Color


Using a gradient under your image can  help you incorporate brand colors into a rainbow style color scheme without an all-out website redesign.


The most common problem with rainbow style designs is not enough contrast and challenging readability.

Dark Color Palettes


  • Dark palettes work best for certain types of projects  it can be an interesting way to mix up a design.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of color, very little contrast and the designs are almost overly simple.
  • It works because it evokes a sense of mystery and users want to solve the puzzle.
  • The user is forced to look at the design


  • They don’t render all that well on mobile devices.
  • There are some inherent accessibility issues.
  • There might not be enough visual interest for some users.
  • Navigation and call to action placement can be challenging.
  • Environmental conditions – lighting, etc. – can make the design more difficult to see.
  • Some users won’t appreciate the moody tone.
  • Users can get bored with the design quickly, decreasing time on site.


  • How are the two design trends similar?
    • Both trends break the rules enough to draw users to into the design.
    • I think with both you are limited to text because you want the focus to be on what’s important to attract the user.
    • Bright colors will almost jump off a dark background and together they complement each other.



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